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Life-Coaching Sessions

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I am Nazra Marie Peterson, a Life-Fulfillment and Conscious Communications Coach assisting in my clients being able to live a fulfilling life in all areas.  I use different healing modalities including strategic communication, NLP, psychology, being solution oriented, intuitive guidance, breathwork & meditation.  If you appreciate a no-nonsense, direct and sometimes humorous approach to a addressing life's issues, we'll be a great fit.  

We work on progress, as opposed to perfection, reframing, recognizing patterns that no longer serve in your journey, building growth mindset, normalizing shifts in consciousness and getting life-long results you can be proud of. 

Our egos are multi-dimensional in nature and so we address our lives with multi-dimensional approaches to achieve fulfillment in all areas.  In a culture that has learned how to move through life unconsciously (not realizing that just because it's common doesn't mean it's healthy), we move towards becoming conscious.  We will focus on what is alive in you and what is seeking to come alive in you to optimize your quality of life.

Some of my specialties include assisting clients with stress, self-discipline, self-worth, consistency and communication.  In addition to assisting people in the relationships  they have to themselves, I also offer feedback regarding relationships with family, friendships and romantic partners.  Furthermore, I assist clients in overcoming victim mentality, the stressors of single-shaming, mom-shaming, non-mom shaming, coping with an alcoholic loved one and more.  Whether you are dealing with a complicated relationship, adjusting to life after ending a relationship, or contemplating some type of life change, I am here to assist and support you on your journey.

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Get a free 50-Minute Consult

Prior to booking a session or a package of sessions, you may book a complimentary consultation.

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