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About HMFT


Heart-Mind Holistic Training, Los Angeles is a mobile mindful wellness company, that provides holistic mindfulness services at your doorstep. No more long commutes, fighting through traffic, or searching for parking.  We send our coaches, consultants, instructors, facilitators and practitioners to your home, office, gym or event venue in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  We also offer some services via Zoom.


Heart-Mind Holistic Training is about developing mental and emotional fitness that is in alignment with our physical and energy body to optimize ones' overall potential for greatness.

Our Services

  • Healing Bodywork

  • Energy Healing

  • Coaching Services

  • Mindfulness Services

  • Private Sound Baths & Spiritual Ceremonies

  • Corporate Mindful Wellness Programs

  • School Mindful Wellness Programs

Our Story

I'm Nazra Marie Peterson, a Touch Healer & Integration Coach, Teacher, Holistic Healing Body & Energy Worker, Host of video diary series, The Psychedelic Virgin, & CEO/Founder of Heart-Mind Holistic Training, proudly serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas at your home, office, gym or venue.


​After many years of study in the area of personal development and always expanding my knowledge of psychology, I became curious of Neuroscience.  It was then, that I discovered the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and others, & found myself even more passionate about brain & heart coherence and healing through greater understanding of the mind-body connection.  

After attending my gym for nearly a year, I noticed something was amiss. As I worked out, I realized I was surrounded by TV monitors where I saw disturbing news reports, commercials of unhealthy food, alcohol and ads of medication with horrible side effects.  There was also upbeat music playing over the loudspeakers with negative, disempowering lyrics. I noticed people staring into the same TV monitors as I was, as if we were all in trance, oblivious that they were programming their subconscious minds.


It was then that I realized that while I was working out my body, I wasn’t uplifting my mind and emotions in empowering ways. Noticing the lack of cohesion between how we work out our minds, emotions and bodies, I started watching and listening to mind movies (video vision boards) as I was working out.  This was an absolute game changer that I had to share with the world!  It was then, I created, "Heart-Mind Fitness Training”. This training is about developing brain & heart coherence and is comprised of a combination of breathwork, aromatherapy, trance inducing videos, other powerful imagery, empowering music, dynamic meditation, unchoreographed cardio and dance, & reciting different segments of “I AM” incantations, to reprogram your subconscious mind while working out.  Exercise and optimize your mental fitness and emotional fitness consistently in HMFT classes.

The long-term vision is eventually to have the adrenaline and energy of a Tony Robbins convention for weekly classes, close to your home or workplace.

For now, we offer these classes to schools and one-off events. 

Coach Naz

I'm Nazra, a Touch Healer and Integration Coach. I remember as a little girl always being obsessed with making bubble baths and massaging my feet with my grandmother's variety of favorite lotions.  My mom worked two jobs for almost the majority of my childhood, and so sometimes I'd massage her feet, neck and hands.  She always complimented me of course, but I thought it was just because she was my mom.  Little did I realize that what seemed like just a little term of endearment, healing touch would turn out to be one of my biggest gifts.  

Many years later after many life experiences and detours in the fashion world and corporate (never considering massage, let alone energy healing or life coaching), I carefully curated my very own unique healing mindful wellness method.  My body and energy work with integration (life) coaching is an opportunity for me to connect with my clients beyond just a standardized clinical massage.  I created an opportunity for the body, heart and mind to be addressed in one setting.  Instead of people needing to go to one person for energy healing, another for massage and another for coaching, I became someone who was able to fulfill all of these needs for every client.


I've found that life coaching and massage only slightly describe what I do and so I had to come up with a new title that more aptly describes my modalities of healing.  Based on my experiences and feedback from my clients over the years, what started out as a simple massage or life coaching session, transformed into extremely profound "touching" experiences mentally, energetically (emotionally) and physically.

Many people have lost their innocence to touch and helping people to reclaim their innocence to touch as adults is a huge part of my mission. I provide a safe space for people to be held in an emotional healing way.  Different traumas live inside the body, many times on an unconscious level, until they are able to witness their pain in a safe and vulnerable way.  Instead of providing a one-dimensional clinical massage, I touch the physical body with the understanding that there is an energy body that is seeking healing, as well.  My massage sessions have become coaching sessions infused with intuitive healing messages and powerful breakthroughs.

​Because our egos (aka pain bodies) are multi-dimensional in nature, I address your healing with multi-dimensional (and customized) approaches to identify unconscious limiting beliefs to achieve fulfillment in all areas, using your body and corresponding chakras as a guide.

Integration is the process of combining two or more things in an effective way. That being said, this method uses a variety of mindful wellness techniques including: intention setting, meditation, breathwork, body/energy work, a basic understanding of psychology and neuroscience, intuitive guidance and integration (life) coaching. 

In a culture that has learned how to move through life unconsciously (not realizing that just because it's common, doesn't mean it's healthy), I assist in moving towards becoming conscious and optimizing your overall quality of life.  I tell people what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear so true healing can take place.

​I have a great affinity for marrying the spiritual "woo woo" with neuroscience. Understanding that spiritual teachers and neuroscientists are both saying the same thing, just using different terminology has helped me greatly, both personally and professionally.  I have a much deeper understanding of what is going on in the hearts, minds and bodies of others.  For my already existing Dr. Joe Dispenza followers out there, you already know that the body is the subconscious mind.  For those of you who are new on this path, life is about to get very interesting for you!

​In my upcoming book: "The 7 Relationship Agreements: How to transition from having sex to making love", I teach people about what I believe to be the 7 relationship agreements to having healthy connections with themselves and others.

​Our relationship agreement to:

​1. Our physical body and touch

2. Ourselves and our emotions

3. Love

4. Relationships  

5. Money

6. Communication & conflict-resolution 

7. Sex versus making love


​Coach Nazra is available for private sessions, online group workshops and for customized group workshops (for clients who would like to organize online events) Additionally, Nazra hosts in-person events & retreats, for those who would like her to cover specific topics.  This includes public speaking events.  We are a mobile service and offer remote healing for select services.

​Disclaimer: Heart-Mind Holistic Training doesn't work with insurance companies, nor do I provide diagnostics or procedural codes for insurance billing.  These private and group sessions are for coaching, not therapy.


HMFT Tribe Healers

HMFT Tribe Healers

This beautiful team of healers are a blessing to anyone in their presence.  Heart-Mind Fitness Training's tribe of healers are available to adhere to the highest level of professionalism, integrity and healing for one-on-one sessions, private group healings and corporate mindful wellness programs.  From bodywork to coaching to energy healing and yoga,

Heart-Mind Fitness Training Tribe Healers provide a myriad of your mindful wellness needs.

Heart-Mind Fitness Training aides in raising the collective consciousness by developing mental and emotional fitness, healing the collective pain and awakening our inner joy.


Together we heal from the inside out.

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