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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  What is Lé fluíde?

​​A:  Lé fluíde is an intuitive holistic massage experience that uses yoga inspired rhythmic strokes, to massage the body, while using breathwork, meditation & trance to induce healing in the body.  The massage therapist uses hands, arms, feet and knees to massage multiple parts of the body simultaneously.   This massage experience also uses a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, LomiLomi and 4-handed inspired massage techniques.

​​Q:  What type of products do you use to massage the body in a Lé fluíde massage experience?

​A:   In Lé fluíde, I use 100% organic MCT oil. Anti-inflammatory & essential oils are also used.  Rose water is also sprayed to cool & awaken the body.  

​Q:  What essential oils do you use and why?

​A:  Everything I integrate into Lé fluíde is extremely intentional and always with the intention of optimizing health.  I use Doterra essential oils DDR Prime and Zendocrine. DDR Prime Essential Oil Cellular Complex is a proprietary blend of essential oils that supports healthy cellular integrity & an overall healthy immune response.  Zendocrine essential oil blend supports the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances by cleansing the body of toxins and free radicals.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body and so anything you apply to the skin, goes directly into the body.

​Q:  Is Lé fluíde like a Thai Yoga Massage?

​A:  No.  Thai Yoga Massage stretches the client's body.  Lé fluíde acts as a moving meditation of yoga inspired poses that stretch the body of the massage therapist, not the client.

​​Q:  What does the Lé fluíde massage experience feel like.  

​A:  The Lé fluíde Massage Therapist uses yoga, hands, arms, elbows, feet and knees and feels like multiple hands working on you at once. A number of techniques are used to feel like four-hands massage, deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish, Thai & LomiLomi.  Additionally, this technique integrates meditation, breathwork & trance. 

​​​Q.  Is Lé fluíde performed on a regular massage table?

​A: Traditional Lé fluíde massage experience is performed on a "cloud bed" floor mat.  Because there are a series of yoga inspired poses, the floor mat provides more space for both the client and the massage therapist to spread out and move around for better comfort and relaxation.

However, a modified version of this technique can be used for those who prefer a traditional massage table experience.  The breathwork and meditation aspects are still included.

​Q:  What does it mean when you say an "intuitive" massage?

​A:  Unlike a more traditional standard Swedish or deep tissue massage that has a specific progression to the massage, Lé fluíde provides a massage experience that is entirely in "flow-state".  I go where I feel led to go, where I sense your body is leading me to go.  Most massage therapists will massage each part of the body somewhat equally. ​The hand will be massaged, then the wrist, forearm, and so forth and so on.  This way of massaging is very technical and the client is able to predict what is going to happen next during the course of their massage.

​​A Lé fluíde massage experience on the other hand, is very unpredictable.  As much as the body likes predictability, the body also happens to like unpredictability.  This is because the intention is to spend time massaging the parts of your body that are calling out for healing and repair the most. 


Everyone carries pain in the form of emotions/energy and physical representations in different parts of their body.  With that in mind, no two Lé fluíde massage experiences are alike.


​Q: What are the benefits of an unpredictable massage experience in "flow-state"?

​A:  As someone who loves getting massages, I have noticed that even with me, although I am going to release pain in certain areas (I.e., neck & shoulder blades), at times if my body predicts where the therapist is going to massage next, my body can tend to tense up or brace itself.  I have noticed this as well, with my clients.

​When we experience pain in the body for a prolonged period of time, sometimes the body will become attached to the pain.  So although we may intend to let go of pain or tension, sometimes the body will resist letting go because it has grown accustomed to storing pain in different parts of the body.  I find that when the body can't predict the next move, it tends to go into a state of surrender which lowers the body's resistance to release pain.  

​Q:  Why do you say "Lé fluíde massage experience", instead of just saying "massage"?

A: Lé fluíde is an entire experience rooted in mindfulness to facilitate healing and repair by engaging all 5 senses:  sight (trance inducing imagery), sound (healing hertz music), smell (aromatherapy), taste (ginger tea, made fresh daily), and of course, touch (via Lé fluíde and yoga silks for draping).

​​In Lé fluíde, there is no "hurry up and relax" scenario involved.  Every Lé fluíde massage experience always goes over the time that you have booked.  Your actual massage starts once our hands touch you.  ​This is about creating an experience for healing and repair for the body, mind and soul.  There is energy work included in every session as you are being massaged.  

​​Each session begins with 3 questions: (1) Are there any accidents or injuries we should be aware of; (2) Are there any parts of you that are holding more pain; (3) Are there any parts that you do not hold pain or that you do not want massaged?

​​Once you dress down to your comfort level, you are draped in yoga silks (touch).  From there, I cleanse you with Palo Santo sage and sprinkle you with CBD infused rose water (smell and touch).  ​Next, you set your intention while sipping your ginger tea (taste) as you begin to relax.  Then you watch trance inducing imagery (sight) as you are led into some deep breathing (smell) to help the body start to let go and surrender to the process of healing.   I then lead you into a brief meditation to align with your intention (sound) and get you more into a trance state.


​Q:  Why do you prefer to work via mobile service?

​​A:  As a massage client, I have always preferred an all-day spa experience or a mobile therapist to visit my home.  For me, I don't want just a massage, I want an "experience".  While it is nice to go and get a massage, for me I prefer to stay at home with my at-home-spa experience.    

​There is nothing more jarring to me than feeling like I have to "hurry up and relax" and then "hurry up and leave" or walking out after a relaxing massage and then getting in my car into the hustle and bustle of intense traffic, fighting through the parking lot, waiting on valet, etc. 

​I wanted to create the same experience for my clients that I personally love to receive.  This way, after you receive your massage experience, you are already in the comfort of your own home.  A massage should be about more than just relaxing as you are being massaged, but the time after where the body can remain in a state of relaxation for optimal healing and repair.

​​Massage experiences are not meant to be a luxury, but a necessity for maintenance, self-care, self-love and doing a hard reset for the body to feel recharged and rejuvenated.  

​​Q:  Do you only meditate before Lé fluíde?

​​A:  Your initial meditation is just a few minutes before Lé fluíde begins, for both intention setting and deep relaxation.  However, throughout the massage, you will hear the Massage Therapist breathe deeply throughout the massage.  This is the therapist's way of staying in a state of meditation and trance so that their energy remains calming and healing.  This is also serving as a reminder to you, (the client) to be mindful of your breath. Breath is both cleansing and healing.

​In breathing deeply throughout your Lé fluíde experience, this helps you (the client) to remain in a meditative state and state of surrender, while your ears get lost in the sound of theta healing binaural beats.  These sounds help you to stay in trance state so that you can receive the full benefits of the healing energy work performed during your Lé fluíde massage.  This is where people start to experience very spiritual sensations in their heart, mind and body.

​Q:  What kind of spiritual or physical sensations do people tend to have?

​​A:  As I mentioned earlier, no two Lé fluíde massage experiences are alike.   This is true for both the Massage Therapist and the client.  Some people can get emotional or teary eyed.  Others have reported beautiful visual meditations during their sessions.  Some have had flashbacks to past experiences where they felt a release of old negative emotions from a past accident or injury.  I have experienced some clients shake or get chills while feeling a strong emotional release.  I've also had clients make different sounds for reasons they couldn't explain, letting go of unforgiveness, resentments, etc. Many report feeling lighter, energized, as though they’ve left their bodies or tingling sensations in different parts of the body. It’s as though they have had a deep meditative experience. 

​​As a Massage Therapist, all of this feedback has been incredibly rewarding.  I also love when people tell me that they have noticed better blood circulation, no longer walking with pain, walking without a cane, feeling happier, feeling more free and just overall lighter with more energy.

​What you get out of this experience what you put into it.  If you remain in a place of wanting to hold on to your thoughts in the material world during your session, you will not get to enjoy the benefits of surrendering to the process.  

​Q:  Do you have any suggestions before I begin my session?

​​A:  As a Lé fluíde Massage Therapist and Energy Healer, I am a huge proponent of self-advocacy.  If you can't handle laying in one position for too long, communicate that before and/or during your session.   While this work is intuitive, it is still collaborative.  Please advocate on behalf of yourself and your body.  If at any point you need more or less pressure, please let us know.  If you would like to lay on your side for better comfort massaged that way, as well.  Some people with sinus issues have a hard time laying on their stomach for a long period of time.  As an act of self-love and self-care, it is huge that you speak your needs as you receive this healing and relaxing energy so that you can optimize your massage and energy healing experience.  Also, some people find it effective to avoid caffeine or sugar a few hours prior.

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