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Integration Coaching w/ Touch Healing

"Touch is transformative, because in its purest form, touch is medicine."

-Nazra Marie Peterson, Touch Healer & Integration Coach

What energy do you want in your "touches"?

What is your relationship to touch: emotionally, mentally and physically?

What are your 7 Relationship Agreements rooted in?

  1. Conscious or unconscious behavior?  

  2. Secure, anxious or avoidant attachment? 

  3. Emotional intelligence, emotional maturity or emotional integrity?

​This particular modality of life coaching uses a healing touch technique that differs from a traditional or clinical based massage that includes intention setting, meditation, breathwork, emotional trauma release & integration.

​Integration is the process of combining two or more things in an effective way.  Here, we are combining our relationship to our bodies and physical touch, with our hearts and minds to move into a place of integrity, both mentally and emotionally.

All issues are multi-dimensional in nature and so it is my belief that healing is also multi-dimensional.  The body is the subconscious mind, constantly sending us signals in the form of discomfort, soreness, pain, etc. of what the unconscious mind is dealing with emotionally or energetically. 

I have a very unique approach to coaching and healing touch.  I look at what chakra is correlated with the areas of your body where you are experiencing pain or discomfort. 

While it's great to know if you are leaning too much on one side of your body versus another or sitting for long periods of time, I'm more interested in the emotional components that can play a role in misalignment in certain areas of your body, particularly if these are recurring or chronic issues you’re experiencing. Healing Touch & Integration Coaching is a different approach to looking at the "pain-body" (aka the ego or subconscious mind).​

Are you more connected to the pain in your body than you are your actual body?  Did you know that your body is precognitive and is also your subconscious mind?

​For example, if you experience pain in your lower back, I look at the sacral chakra and what wounds, past traumas, limiting beliefs and emotions can be contributing to pain in this area of your body.  If you're out of alignment in your upper back, we're looking at what's causing pain or heaviness in your heart chakra.

What we discover in your body during your healing touch sessions is our template of what we set intentions to focus on in our integration coaching.  Then, we rewire your subconscious mind to help you un-memorize limiting beliefs, release trauma and program new beliefs in alignment with your desired outcomes.

Healing Touch with Integration Coaching

  • Body+energy massage (touch healing) is a diagnostic tool &

        guide for coaching

  • Each session entails body+energy massage & integration coaching

  • Become conscious of your unconscious limiting beliefs

  • Body+energy massage used to release trapped energy/emotions

  • Learn to use uncomfortable emotions as catalysts for change

  • Body+energy massage used to re-wire/recondition body to new empowering beliefs (using affirmations)

  • Heal sacral and heart chakra trauma (including generational)

  • Healing other chakra/energy/emotional issues 
  • Create deep authentic connection w/ Self & others
  • Mending Relationships (Mother-Daughter - Friendships -Couples)

*I also provide a safe space for those who are looking to heal their relationship to touch who have ever experienced unsafety with their body. *

1-Month Combination Program
(Approximately 4 Sessions - $1,500) 
includes touch healing and integration coaching

2-Month Combination Program
(Approximately 8 Sessions - $2,800) 
includes touch healing and integration coaching

3-Month Combination Program
(Approximately 12 Sessions - $4,000) 
includes touch healing and integration coaching

Ask if travel is included for your location/package.

 Travel is based on exact location, scheduling and availability.

All purchases are final.  There are no refunds.

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