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Virtual Team Meeting
  • Help your team get into alignment and harmony

  • Increase employee satisfaction

  • Boost productivity 

  • Become a truly great place to work for members of every level of your organization!

  • One session per week with the executive team from 30-90 minutes depending on your schedule PLUS

  • Two additional sessions per month up to 60 minutes each with additional teams/people as desired or necessary

  • Services offered virtually only.

Corporate Culture + Wellness Consulting

Executive Coach and Corporate Culture Wellness Consultant, Coach Amanda assists organizations and the people who lead and work within them in getting into alignment with themselves, their work, their values, and each other.


She also works with you to quickly discover the root of the disharmony or misalignment you are experiencing in your business to open the space for satisfaction, productivity, and a harmonious corporate culture for all.

Employee Life Coaching Los Angeles
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