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“Nazra was incredible!  My husband and I went to her for couples coaching and she

truly blew us away.  She can speak to both sides so perfectly so that everyone feels like they were heard. She doesn't play favorites, calls out both sides when they're missing the 'big picture' and holds nothing back.  With her spiritual roots and understanding of Neuroscience, she can help bridge the gap between the two in a way that helps us communicate so much better.   Since Coach Naz, my husband can translate my spiritual witchy woo woo talk into  scientific and psychological lingo he can understand and validate. My husband liked the idea of meeting with a coach, instead of a therapist.  I wanted a therapist, but Nazra seems to still tackle all sides of the situations. After completing our 12-sessions, we are still doing 1-2 times a month check-ins.  Super helpful!  Thank you."

Sandy, Rochester, NY

"I worked with Nazra during a one to one, in person coaching session. I entered the session closed, full of resentment and uncertainty. I called Nazra because I wanted to get out of my head and forgive myself and my romantic partner. Thankfully, one session with Nazra blew my heart open.  Nazra is brilliant, grounded and permanently living in her heart. I felt seen, supported and safe during our session. The most masterful nuance of Nazra's space holding is how she can withhold judgement and remain a mirror. Our meeting revolved around a challenging relationship. Nazra guided me back to my heart rather than judge the actions of me or my partner.  It's been a few days since I left our session.  I am still in awe of Nazra. She is filled with purity, love and knowledge.  She's a star."

Lee, Charleston, WV

"Nazra has amazing skills, the experience was so appreciated. This isn’t any massage this was spectacular deep meditation that I encountered throughout massage . Everybody needs a Nazra in there life . This technique is just WOW!  So grateful to her. Highly recommended."

Kate, Los Angeles, CA

"Best massage ever.  I always book her when I come into town, because no one else does her exact technique.

I hired her to do a pamper party when we went to San Diego for my wife and her sisters and they all spoke her praises.  My wife deals with chronic pain and she has not complained about pain now for 3 weeks.  The longest my wife has ever not complained about pain is maybe 2 or 3 days for the past 5 years.  They all claimed to have "spiritual" experiences while being worked on.  She definitely has this technique down to a science.  I just need her to teach this to someone closer to where I live!"

Todd, Chicago, IL

"After receiving coaching from Nazra for about a month, I had her do a mediation between me and my Mom who

have barely spoken without a weekly argument or angry text thread.  Coach Naz was incredible.  She gave my mom a  lot to think about and was actually able to have a lot of compassion when talking to her, while still calling her out on her stuff.  She recommended a book to her and my mom has actually started reading it.  I'm looking forward to her Mother Daughter relationships course next year.  What a great experience!  My sister has even started reading the book.  It is so helpful."

Teresa, Dallas, TX

"I'd like to thank you, Nazra, for facilitating this, this morning!  It was so beautiful to journey through the meditation with you and the opportunity for reflection, connection and share in what we'd like to hold ourselves accountable for to make forward focused and mindful action steps forward. To the others who'd like to join in, she focused today on guided meditations.  Afterwards, we shared reflections from it, our current challenges and focused on what we're making a commitment to release for ourselves and contribute to a shift in the collective.  I encourage others to join when they can.  Big thank you! "

Christina, Santa Clarita, CA

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